CARaDOC 2020

Want to grow your network, apply for jobs, learn about PhD life? CARaDOC convention is made for you!

18 November 13:00 - 18:00 CET

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Organised by CARaDOC

What is the CARaDOC convention?

CARaDOC (Careers and Doctors) is an annual Career convention for PhD students, PhDs & Postdoctoral researchers of Université Paris-Saclay. CARaDOC will bring together PhD students, young researchers, and company representatives. 

CARaDOC is the successor of J-RED (Journée de Rencontre Entreprises-Doctorants) and is organized by PhD students from all over the University of Paris-Saclay. The new name reflects our desire to gather French and international PhD students and doctors together. It also reflects our goal to offer various insights to PhD students to prepare their careers no matter the path they would take between the private and public sectors.

Last year, under the J-RED, we hosted a successful job fair gathering 300 participants and 25 companies. Attendees will include companies, PhD students, and young researchers operating in applied mathematics, physics, biotechnology, data visualization, big data, finances, etc. Last year's event hosted companies leaders in their fields, including INRIA, ONERA, CEA, Safran, Thales, BearingPoint, EDF, Schlumberger, Airthium, and many more, from big companies to start-ups .


Why attend CARADOC 2020?

  • It is the largest convention in Saclay for careers of Phd students and young PhDs (including post-docs).
  • A great opportunity to learn about your various career options as a doctor.
  • Meet online recruiters and learn from company representatives how their organizations work and what sort of career progression you can expect from them. 
  • Get access to job offers and apply to them. 
  • Learn more about the companies in your sector by attending their Live presentations. 
  • Grow your professional network.
  • Participation in CARaDOC is counted as 4H of transverse training in ADUM.


When and where?

The convention is free and entirely online! and will take place on November 17-18th, 2020. 

CARaDOC is preceded by a series of roundtable discussions and workshops around topics such as CVs and interviews, Start-up creation.

The talks and seminars will take place, on November 17th, 2020. The links will be available on our website and social networks (Linkedin, Facebook). The job fair session will be held here on Graduateland. To attend please, create an account on Graduateland.


Want to stay up to date?

Want to stay tuned? You can follow us on Facebook and Linkedin. You can also check back our website often. For any questions, feel free to contact us at contact[at]

Before the D-Day:

  • Register on the Plateforme and create your profile and download your CV (You can start now). 
  • Registered companies can see the different CVs of participants.
  • Find the companies you are interested in and the time slots of company live presentations you want to see.
  • Check/apply to job offers posted on the platform.

The D-Day:  18 November 13h-18h.

Get Ready to be in a virtual forum,  now you can interact with companies of all sizes and fields, from start-ups to multinational corporations. 

  • You can follow live presentations of companies and interact with them.
  • You can chat with company representatives and recruiters, chats can be transformed into video calls in one click, so be ready!  
  • Companies can also contact you if they found your profile before the event!

After the event:

The platform will remain open some days after the event, and you can still have access to job offers, companies will have access to your profile.